Innovative mind & body

What is the connection between our body and innovation? Both mutually entail each other: every second, our body cells, tissues and processes renew themselves in the most natural yet creative way. However, presence and well-being in our body are often underestimated and neglected parameters when it comes to providing settings for innovative and creative thought processes and exchange. Basically, the innovation or ideation workshops and Body-Mind Centering® classes or sessions that I facilitate follow the same purpose. In both areas – body and innovation – I create and offer spaces. Spaces that intend to invite curiosity and playfulness. Spaces that enable contact and exchange, verbally or through touch and movement. Spaces that allow for our awareness to grow and deepen. Spaces that may constantly change.

Personal consultation

A personal consultation is a chance to look deeper into an issue or question that prevents you from ‘happily doing your thing in life’. What is your vision and what keeps you from realising it? How can you clarify, test and develop your (business) idea? Which areas of your life would you like to understand better and actively take ownership of them?

Sometimes in life, we just need a sparring partner. I offer my experience, time, ears, words and hands to support you in finding more clarity, new perspectives and joy in life. 

Costs: 80€ per session (approx. 90mins)

Group seminars & workshops

I support groups that would like to tackle a specific challenge and find innovative solutions. This challenge could also be to learn about innovation culture and to broaden the horizon for a more innovative mindset and methods. 

Combining elements of Design Think and other creativity techniques, every workshop will be customised to the specific group, goals and needs. I integrate (body) awareness exercises and group sharings to foster clarity, presence and an empathetic mindset during and after the workshop. 

Please get in touch for more information: [email protected]