The Body Mind Tarot

The Body-Mind Tarot is a deck of 50 cards that I designed as final project for my Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner training. It was a long and dedicated process to draw the images and write the texts for the booklet and is special for me to put this very personal product out to the world as limited edition!

The Body-Mind Tarot can be used like any other traditional tarot deck. What makes it special is, that it uses our own body and mind as the subject or source of imagination. Some cards display parts or aspects of our body, some other cards show states of mind or patterns of movement that are familiar to us and part of our developmental process. Each card is an invitation to find out or remember something about how our body and mind work (together) and to let our associations flow with the images and words being offered.

How to use the deck?

You can simply draw an inspirational card for your day or experiment with any other traditional tarot spread, asking a question that is keeping you busy at the moment. The impulses you will get from this deck relate to your body and/or mind which sometimes can be taken very literally, sometimes require you to think a little bit ‘outside the box’. The text that comes along with every card starts out with a more informational part, followed by the interpretation or message of the card. Most of the cards also offer questions and actions for you to reflect, try out and explore your connection to the respective body parts, if you wish.

As Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, I started to include the cards in my private sessions and would like to encourage other practitioners who somehow work with body and/or mind processes to try it out! Asking a question and drawing cards can be nice to start or conclude a session.

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